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Vallect in a few words...

Last update : 2009-06-07 by Patrick Cardona


This translation of some aspects of Vallect was first written by Sébastien Gatty and Matthieu Triay.

Principle of the project

Vallect is a kind of social network about personal reading. You can express your likes and make the other discover your finds. You can also download and read eBooks, vote or submit quiz about your favorite books. Vallect is complete and functional for production use.


The attic (Le Grenier) is a space of pooling for teachers who handle a Vallect site. It's a rewriting of Vallect 1.4.2.

Aimed public

Students and teachers, documentalist, librarian.

Contribution desired

  • Authentication within a Centralized Authentication Server for the implementation in Educational Digital Workspace (uPortal, Iconito, and so on).
  • Gateway with PMB or Koha, to recover author base.
  • Web design upgrade and additional graphic theme.
  • L18n.
  • Please, look at the beamer to see the whole aspects of the new design.

Description of the project

On a pedagogical side, Vallect is the outcome of a project which has begun more than two years ago, upgraded by demands and suggestions of the pupils. A detailed notice (in french) is available at Framasoft.

Vallect's software conception is built modules, which facilitates updates and intermediate functionality developpment. A detailed and exhaustive description of technical aspects and uses is available on the wiki: Wiki:modules